Current FlubRC Lead Times

SlymeBallz, FlubberStufferz, and Body Kits are all approximately at 4 weeks.

Thanks for your patience and support - Chris & Jenni

Welcome to FlubRC

We specialize in Performance 3D Inserts we call SlymeBallz for 1.0, 1.2, 1.3, 1.8 and FlubberStufferz for 1.5, 1.9, and 2.2. We also provide a variety of RC Parts and our Body Kits you can find at our BodyShop!

Our SlymeBallz are always available and are made to order. Our FlubberStufferz line launches in batches for now until we can reach our goal of making them made to order.

We are proud to say, we were the first to make 1.0 sized performance 3d inserts. We had a few main goals, no room for improvement, perfect fitment, and to come up with a design that did not copy anything currently available. We went through close to 100 different designs in search for something that worked well for such tiny tires! The smaller the insert, the harder it is to make things work, there's few reasons for this. One is there is very limited spaced to get a design to work as intended, and in that limited space, we had concerns getting smooth action from alot of the designs we tried. Most designs will give hot spots, contact surface deformation, won't conform as intended, or are simply to stiff either due to design or the material used. This is information we gathered from testing almost any design a guy could come up with. We've tested them all, including designs that others are still using today. We have also tested most any filament worth testing, and have found the one and only, high-end, USA made material that perfectly suits our needs.

We came up with Forward Propulsion Technology, an industry first tech that takes deformation caused from rotation and compression of the insert and moves the deformation to the back side of the tire. This leaves the contact surface smooth and plush to promote contact and grip and at the same time, using the deplaced deformation as a pushing action behind the tire to create what we call Forward Propulsion Technology.

In our 10th scale inserts, we have also come up with Directional Conforming Rates. Another industry first technology that allows you to tune the inserts Conforming Rate by simply rotating the wheels direction!

We are here to stay, and will continue to reinvent the wheel. Thanks for all of the support 🙏 💚 💜

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