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FlubRC T-18th Chassis Parts Combo

1/18 Chassis Parts Combo includes our LCG Shock Towers, SlickSliderz, and ESC Tray LCG Shock Towers.

The 1/18 Chassis Parts Combo is compatible with the TRX-4M.

We raised mounting points without compromising top end clearance. This lowers your stance by 6mm. The skid is now capable of sitting lower than axles! We gave you multiple shock locations, 3 in the front, and 6 in the rear by moving the tower forward, also built in clearance for 4WS. We kept things moderate and left you the stock shock angle, as well as the perfect tip back (as shown in pics). With the drop, we found a few clearance issues with the steering link. I will include a servo horn spacer to reach the new steering link position needed for the Nsdrc Scaleparts RS100 and RcAddiction19 links.

These are custom parts, proven to work. Some minor modifications may be needed for your specific setup. SlickSliderz and Tray These have been designed to give you more space, better performance and locations to mount your electronics( esc, rx, battery) SlickSliderz are fully boat sided and extended length for a streamlined layout. Our Center Tray has the perfect spot to mout your esc, gives clearance for stock and lcg setups with tight tolerances for links and drive shafts.

All parts are pictured in silver for ease of viewing. We will be making all of these parts in black, it is possible to make in colors, but for now we will offer in black only.


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