SlymeBallz Performance Insertz

We've taken SlymeBallz, our Micro Performance Insertz to the next level. Taking what we've learned over the past 3 years to give the community the ultimate insert experience.

🟒 Forward Propulsion Technology
🟒 Double Barrel Profiles
🟒 Non-Continuous Outer Walls
🟒 Progressive Conforming
🟒 Tuned Rings and Bevels

All of our inserts hold a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The material we use has unmatched characteristics and has been tested from -10Β° in our MN winters up to 115Β° Guam heat. We've had slicer software developed to clean up the way things are printed, saving print time, enhancing quality, increasing production, and reducing customer cost.

SlymeBallz have been completely redesigned from the ground up for 2024. Going from 34 versions to 124, our goal is to future-proof our catalog of SlymeBallz for any new tire releases. Using all new Double Barrel Profiles that have been fine tuned for every single option. New Center Rings and Bevels to fit your micro wheels perfect for a tight hold, and make setting beads easier than ever.

Starting today, we are printing 2024 Slymeballz versions only. If your order hasn't shipped yet, you will get our new versions, with one exception for orders that have been partially completed already.

How to select your SlymeBallz

Our new sizing system is based off tire size. Each SB version has its minimum tire size as its name. Not all tires that use a certain insert have the same tread thickness. Due to these variables, we have provided you with a diagram that gives a range of sizes per insert.

After you have your OD sizing selected, our new system gives you two more options (widths & rings). We offer up to 5 different widths and up to 6 different ring types depending on what size SlymeBallz you have selected. Certain widths and rings have been left out of several versions because there is nothing for them yet. You will find detailed information on our diagram and cheat sheet for widths and ring types.