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FSpec 1.9 x 4.19

FSpec is our line of FlubberStuffers for SpecRC Comp Wheels. These feature a stepped center ring that locks and auto centers the insert onto the wheel. Next-level side hold has been achieved with this new design. The 4.19s are available in our standard Soft, Medium, or Firm Conformity Rates.

Baseline weights are listed, your choice will depend on the rigs weight and desired conforming rate.

🟢 Soft (sub 7lbs) this is our original/standard design, it is very soft and is reccomended for light weight comp rigs. We keep things extra soft for those looking for ultimate conformity yet stout side wall properties. Comes standard with our Directional Conforming Rates, and Forward Propulsion Technologys.

🟢 Med (sub 9lbs) this is our mid range with a thicker 2nd stage for extra support. For use in either front or rear. Comes standard with our Directional Conforming Rate, and Forward Propulsion Technology.

🟢 Firm (10 lbs). Made from our standard material, which gives a plush first stage to allow conforming to happen, yet utilizes our No Flat stage to give plenty of support for heavy rigs and absolutely the best side hill action in the Insert Industry. Comes standard with our Directional Conforming Rate, and Forward Propulsion Technology.

Package includes 2 inserts.

These are made to order and take approximately 2-3 weeks or more depending on the workload. Appreciate your patience and support!


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Shipping & Returns

We want you to be happy with our products. However, we do not except returns on printed parts. If parts get damaged or need adjustment for your custom application we are willing to work with you in these areas. Please contact us via email or message us to address any issues or concerns. Thank You for your support!