🟢 Little Guy Racing: Gripper LG3
🟢 JConcepts: Tusk (63mm)
🟢 Little Guy Racing: Black Label
🟢 Injora: Swamp Claws - T1019 (64mm)
🟢 JConcepts: MegaLithics (63mm)
🟢 JConcepts: Landmines (63mm)
🟢 JConcepts: Scorpios
🟢 JConcepts: Ruptures
🟢 Injora SSS Rock Crawling Tires - T1011 (64mm)
🟢 RC4WD: Scrambler
🟢 Little Guy Racing: Trail King M/T
🟢 Little Guy Racing: Swamp King M/T
🟢 Hobbysoul: All Terrain (64mm)
🟢 Hobbysoul: Mud Slingers (64mm)

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The reason for our design:

Deformation is one of the major issues with 3D or molded inserts. Rotating and conforming are two things inserts are required to do. Our design seems to be the only one that keeps that in mind. Deformation on the contact surface is a big issue for constant grip, as well as conforming. When sub par desings deform they clump, and leave conformity very inconsistent, right on your contact surface!

Our Performance Insertz deal with deformation correctly, directionally. As the insert rotates, it does a few very interesting things. First it opens up the Double Barrel Profile in front to promote conformity to the upcoming surface. Then transfers deformation, by design, to the rear of the tire. This deformation gets released at the very back of the conforming surface with a forward pushing action. This gives us our Forward Propulsion Technology, simply powered by clever design, the rotation that's provided by your motor and conforming that's provided by gravity.

Now that you know what makes our design superior, the real reason for 3d inserts is side wall strength, this gives you side hill stability, and if done correctly, increased steering performance. There are a few designs that simply don't use stacked layers to thier benefit. When stacked layers are left behind, the structure for side wall stability is missing, and fails as a 3d insert completely.

Our design uses stacked layers, and is finely tuned with bevels hidden throughout our protected design. This, along with limited and fully tested stage heights, and our tight fit center rings, gives us superior side wall stability and turning performance.

The package contains 4 tire inserts.

We recommend venting your tires or wheels when running Slymeballz. They are waterproof, temperature resistant, and designed to give support, so there is no need for sealed setups.

These are made to order and take approximately 2-3 weeks or more depending on the workload. Appreciate your patience and support!

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Shipping & Returns

We want you to be happy with our products. However, we do not except returns on printed parts. If parts get damaged or need adjustment for your custom application we are willing to work with you in these areas. Please contact us via email or message us to address any issues or concerns. Thank You for your support!