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FlubRC E-Series Cab

The Euro-Series is an original design with some Euro inspiration! You'll find hints and touches of this on the cab, like the raised center and runners on the hood, curves in places we dared to design, our new rolled front end, slantback roof, the new slotted grill with the iconic quad headlights, with detailed side vents, RHD interior with all new sport seats, handbrake, and modern dash. New mag slots on body are keyed but now give you extra slots to help place body for any setup!

This cab will work with the T-18 and scx24 chassis. The stock T-18 will require laydown servo, lowered shock towers, and relocated stock electronics.

All cabs, beds, and back plates will now be attached via M3 x 6mm screws, this will allow for easy change between our different options, as well as different wheel bases (155 beds coming soon) For gluing parts to the body, you can use a CA glue, or my favorite is Shoe Goe, the rubbery type glue helps with impacts and is also great for magnets. 

MagSliderz mounting system has been completely re-worked. All SCX24 body's will use the same MagSliderz, we have 4 options:

🟢 0° for stock chassis or any chassis that uses a stock type skid and utilizes a 0° skid angle.

🟢 5° designed for the Goblin Chassis, slotted for multiple skids and for use on most aftermarket chassis using a 5° skid angle.

🟢 5.5° Spectr Chassis by KillrChassis

🟢 6.3° Bully Chassis by NW ChassisWorks

We have a new CarbonFiber option we call "Carbon" this will have a slight increase in price, but a very high quality increase including higher temp and impact resistance. It also provides a textured matte finish, this can be painted with out prep, for a fine, scale "bed liner" type finish. 

Bodies do require prep if planning to paint. For prep we reccomend starting with 180 Wet Sand with a flexible block, then move to 320 Wet Sand. Use a high fill sandable primer, and wet sand with 400, repeat last step until desired finish is achieved. 

When choosing a color and planning to paint, you have options! You can choose the color based on what you would want to see when the paint gets scratched and character gets worked in. Orange, tan, and brown are good colors for showing rust and patina. Silver is the go to for metal or primer type scratches and wear. You can also pick the same color as your paint, so scratches will be less visible! 

We will provide M3 x 6 screws and high grade N35 Neodymium Magnets for mounting. 

***All products are made to order. Please check the header on the main page for approximate lead times. Thank you for your support and patience - FlubRC

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We want you to be happy with our products. However, we do not except returns on printed parts. If parts get damaged or need adjustment for your custom application we are willing to work with you in these areas. Please contact us via email or message us to address any issues or concerns. Thank You for your support!